Apr 13, 2011

How To Keep Your Volume Hair And Stay Beautiful

Hair is the crown .. so keep your hair in order to remain healthy and beautiful .. here's how to keep your beautiful hair :

1. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with strong chemicals as they damage hair.

2. Apply pea-sized conditioner to your hair after shampoo.

3. Apply color to your hair. As hair colors do not contain ammonia or peroxide they do not damage hair but provide body and volume.

4. Apply volume gel to the roots of your hair before you air dry or blow-dry them.

5. Apply mousse at the hair end for support.

6. Blow-dry your wet hair upside down. Once your hair is dry, set the dryer to the coolest setting and then use the dryer on the roots. This will help you keep the scalps healthy.

7. Once done use a light spray to hold the hairstyle.