May 4, 2011

Purchase most ridiculous celebrity

I ain’t afraid of no ghost… but Lady Gaga is. Apparently, the flamboyant pop singer believes whole-heartedly that ghosts do exist. Moreover, she believes that they are out to get her. As such, she has invested in electro-magnetic field equipment in order to keep her “safe from spirits” when on the road. The price tag for the equipment is around $50,000.

Apparently, Bono’s hat flies better than most of us. Back in 2005, the U2 singer had an urgent need to get his hat from London to Italy. As a result, he decided to spend $1,700 to fly the hat first class.

In 1989, shrewd business investor Kim Basinger purchased the town of Braselton, Georgia for a cool $20 million. Her goal was to turn the town into a destination for movie studios. The idea never really took off and Basinger eventually was forced to sell the town. Given this sound purchase, it should come as no surprise that Basinger was eventually forced to file for bankruptcy.

On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kanye West informed the world that he went ahead and got a full bottom row of diamond and gold tooth implants. No, it’s not a grill… it’s actual dental implants! When asked why Kanye would do such a thing, he admitted, “I just thought that diamonds were cooler.”

For model/actress Rachel Hunter, a simple doghouse just won’t do. No, apparently her two puppies need a full-fledged Mediterranean-style mansion in which to lick their balls. The house comes from a company called la petite maison. Purportedly, dog homes from the company go for as much as $50,000.

Way back in 1982, Steven Spielberg decided to drop $60,000 for the Rosebud sled that was featured in Citizen Kane. Sure, the sled is a piece of cinema history, but there’s plenty of less expensive (and more practical) ways to get to and from the movie studio.

 Before Michael Vick was a convicted felon, he spent his money lavishly on a lot of things. One such item was a custom fish pond that cost a whopping $85,000. Maybe all that time trading cigarettes in prison has taught Vick how to better manage his money.

While in London recently, Amanda Seyfried fell in love with a dead horse. Yep, as it turns out Amanda spotted a three-week old taxidermied pony while across the pond and just had to have it. No word on how much the horse cost, but my guess is she paid way too much for it.

Most three year-old kids are perfectly happy playing with an empty cardboard box. Not so for Suri Cruise. Back when she was three, her mommy bought her an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo purse. I guess you’ve got to have somewhere to put all those cookies and candy cell phones.

Hey, I’m all for any product that shows off Beyonce’s booty, but seriously, $100,000 for a single pair of leggings? Crafted by Balenciaga and adorned with gold, Beyonce wore this purchase to the 2007 BET Awards. Most likely, she never wore them again (though, hopefully, she donated them to Goodwill).